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Software Products


Almost all of our car audio products are DSP based. We use audio DSP devices to perform audio digital signal processing algorithms and other audio processing, running on the embedded DSP software. To use our audio DSP amplifiers or audio DSP processors, we have the following software tools for professional car audio installers. Moreover, our mobile applications software (mobile apps) are designed not only for professionals but these are intended for consumers. Our mobile apps are using Bluetooth communications to interface our audio amplifiers to consumers' smartphones. These are user friendly, intuitive, easy-to-use, really making individualized car audio experience a true reality.

  • PC Software for Automotive Audio Amplifiers and Audio Processors (USB connections)
  • iPad Software for Automotive Audio Amplifiers and Audio Processors
  • iOS Mobile Application Program (Bluetooth connections)
  • Android Mobile Application Program (Bluetooth connections)


Car Amplifier Software - EQ Setting


Software Features

With PC software or iPad software or iOS/Android smartphone mobile apps, our software supports a various of functionalities covering all aspects of automotive audio applications. The software features include:

  • EQ Processing
    • Parametric  EQ (PEQ) and Graphic EQ (GEQ), up to 31 bands
  • Crossover Frequency setting
  • Level
    • Setting volume of each channel independently, plus overall master level setting
    • Independent Subwoofer Volume    
  • Phase, each channel independently
  • Delay, each channel independently, up to 25 ms
  • Mixer or Channel Routing
  • Pink Noise Generator
  • Advanced Audio Algorithms: Bass Boost
  • Advanced Audio Algorithms: Voice Enhancement
  • Advanced Audio Algorithms: MP3 Enhancement
  • Dolby Digital
  • Dolby ProLogic 2x
  • DTS ES
  • DTS Neo:6
  • DTS Surround
  • more to come


Program Screen Captures

The picture at the top of this page illustrates the EQ setting interface of our software. As you have seen, it has easy-to-use and intuitive user interface, making car audio configurations very convenient to customers. Next are more screen captures.


Volume Setting:

Car Amplifier Software - Volume Setting


Delay Setting:

Car Amplifier Software - Delay Setting


Mixr or Input/Output Channel Routing:

Car Amplifier Software - Mixer: Input/Output Routing


Miscellaneous Setting:

Car Amplifier Software - Misc Setting


Audio Presets:

Car Amplifier Software - Presets


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