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Dongguan HLH Electronics is a company specializing in automotive audio amplifiers and processor products. We are now in a market demanding sophisticated audio processing for cars. For all types of cars, not just upper scale vehicles. It is why we focus on DSP based solutions to provide the start-of-the-art and also cost-effective car audio solutions to customers. Comparing to the traditional analog amplifiers, the DSP solutions enable audio tuning capabilities in an unprecedented fashion. With our expertise in DSP based audio solutions for automotive, our products are quickly entering many OEM/ODM models in China and abroad. Our latest models support smartphone enabled features, making it a true reality to fully explore individualized car audio experience for automotive.

  • Feature-rich car audio amplifier based on sophisticated DSP technologies
  • Compact in size enabled by Class D amplifiers, suitable for almost all cars and easy to install
  • Easy-to-use smartphone mobile apps, allowing audio setting fully customized by end consumers



HLH Electronics Car Amplifier Model D608


Automotive Audio Amplifiers

Here automotive audio amplifiers refer to the conventional non-DSP based audio amplifiers. Please see the next section for DSP audio amplifiers. Please click here to read more about our product offerings.

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Automotive Audio DSP Amplifiers

The car audio amplifier is rapidly expanding to DSP based solutions. Majority of our products are DSP based; automotive audio amplifiers. In this category we have a rich portfolio of products covering various different input channels, output channels, power grades, etc. Our latest offerings add smartphone support. Customers can easily use mobile application programs to make fine tuning of their car audio experience.

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Automotive Audio DSP Processors

Digital signal procssing (DSP) is the core of car audio performance. We have a line of Automotive Audio DSP Processor products, which is designed to provide DSP audio processing flexibility to those customers who want to keep their existing audio power amplifiers. In this sense the applications are not limited to car use cases. It can be used in a variety range of use cases. The designs of our processors and the factory software companying with the processors, however, are heavily steered towards automotive audio processing situations.

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More Audio Products

In this category we present our other audio products, which include wiring harnesses for different cars, modules used for PC programming, and bluetooth wireless modules.

  • Car Specific Wire Harness and Selections
  • Wired Control Module
  • Wireless Control Module
  • External Bluetooth Module


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Software Products

As majority of our products are DSP based audio processing, we have complete software solutions for programming and tuning audio amplifiers or paudio processors. Our software comes with cumputer based programs, as well as mobile application programs (mobile apps) for those car audio products supporting Bluetooth technologies. The buletooth features can from integrated bluetooth or from external bluetooth modules.

  • PC Software for Automotive Audio Amplifiers and Audio Processors
  • iPad Software for Automotive Audio Amplifiers and Audio Processors
  • iOS Mobile Application Program
  • Android Mobile Application Program


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At HLH Electronics we support OEM/ODM business models. Let us know if you don't find the products listed here meeting your needs. We will be very glad to support your product requirements.


New Products







Model D3042

  • Cost-Effective Compact Amp
  • Mobile Apps
  • 4-ch 30W & 2-ch line out
  • ... ...

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Best Seller




Model D7562

  • Best-in-Class Multi-Channel Amp
  • Mobile Apps
  • 6-ch 75W & 2-ch line out
  • ... ...

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