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All of our automotive amplifiers are using Class D amplifiers. The compact sizes of our amplifiers make it suitable for almost all types of cars. In most cases you can install our amplifiers next to car headunits. The wiring here is much easier than the traditional trunk mounted audio amplifiers. Different vejicles require different wiring harness, connectors, etc. We supply a wide selection of such accessories. Feel free to contact us to get our latest list of our wiring options, and let us know your requirements too.


Car amplifier wiring harness example


Bluetooth and Other Modules

For PC communications we have a module using USB connections to the audio amplifiers or audio processors. For iOS/Android mobile apps, the connections are wireless using Bluetooth BLE4.2. Some products have Bluetooth integrated, while some others support external Bluetooth modules. Let us know if you need these modules.

  • Wired Control Module
  • Wireless Control Module
  • External Bluetooth Module

Bluetooth module


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Model D3042

  • Cost-Effective Compact Amp
  • Mobile Apps
  • 4-ch 30W & 2-ch line out
  • ... ...

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Best Seller




Model D7562

  • Best-in-Class Multi-Channel Amp
  • Mobile Apps
  • 6-ch 75W & 2-ch line out
  • ... ...

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