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About Us


Dongguan HLH Electronics Co., Ltd., founded in 2015, specializes in automotive audio DSP amplifiers and processor products. As a relatively young company in car audio industry, we focus ourselves on DSP based car audio solutions. With strong R&D capabilities, we introduced our DSP based car audio amplifier products at the right time of the market. Our products are already widely received by a variety of customers, both domestic and abroad.


Amplifer PCB Board


Our company is young, but our core people are all industry veterans. Almost all employees in the company have 5+ years of direct experiences in car audio DSP amplifier products or other audio DSP based products. We have DSP technologists, we have analog audio experts, and we have production specialists. We are keen in automotive audio amplifier industry and understand its latest trends. Such deep understanding of the dynamic market is one major reason we can deliver right products at the right time for the market. Of course we listen to our customers all the time. We don't plan ourselves purely based on our own interpretations of the market trends. Understanding the market needs is just step one, our real advantage is our strong product development caliber. With such deep technical capabilities, we can deliver quality products in time for our customers. It is why we quickly became a car audio amplifier vendor soon after the company was established.

We pay extra attention to product quality. We work very closely with our customers to ensure the quality of our products, starting from the prototyping phases to mass productions. To better serve our customers, we have formed strategic partnerships with other companies in the industry to make sure our production capability can meet the demands from rapid expansions. Our goal is simple, we'd like to become #1 car audio DSP amplifier supplier in China, to service worldwide customers.

Our engineers in the R&D Department continually study and master the latest technology. Our products already support Bluetooth technologies so our audio DSP amplifiers are able to have wireless communications to consumer's smart phones. Like we said, heavy investments in technical developments enable us to present the state-of-the-art audio products to our customers.

We look forward to listening to you, meeting with you, working with you, and present the high-quality car audio products to you.



Dongguan HLH Electronics specializes in DSP based car audio amplifier products. We provide product design and development as well as product manufacturing. Please click the below button to read more about manufacture process and our manufacture strategies.

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What's New

The car audio amplifier is rapidly expanding to DSP based solutions. Our company is quickly growing with this worldwide DSP trend. Please check below to get the latest news of our company or news of the industry.

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Our Partners

We specialize in design, develop and manufacture DSP based car audio amplifier products. We offer final amplifier and processor products to our customers. Our key partners include DSP processor device providers, audio amplifier device providers, audio digital signal processing algorithm providers, DSP software solution providers. Please click here to read more about our key partners.

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Charitable Activities

Finally allow us to demonstrate our charitable activities. We are proud of ourselves for the contributions we give back to the society.

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New Products







Model D3042

  • Cost-Effective Compact Amp
  • Mobile Apps
  • 4-ch 30W & 2-ch line out
  • ... ...

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Best Seller




Model D7562

  • Best-in-Class Multi-Channel Amp
  • Mobile Apps
  • 6-ch 75W & 2-ch line out
  • ... ...

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Dongguan HLH Electronics, Co., Ltd.


Dongguan HLH Electronics Co., Ltd.

   Keji 8th Road
      Songshanhu Internet of Cars Industry Incubate Base
      Room 201, Building 1
      Dongguan, Guangdong 511700