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Dongguan HLH Electronic was founded by extremely strong R&D capabilities in DSP based automotive audio amplifiers. Starting from beginning we understand our advantage in product development alone is not sufficient. To best support our customers we immediately established our own product manufacturing and quality testing facilities. Our seasoned production engineers and skilled factory workers have years of experiences in automotive audio amplifier manufacturing. With the rapid ramping of our products, soon after the founding of the company, we quickly started our strategic partnerships with other long-standing companies in the industry to secure the production capabilities in order to meet our the ever-growing demands from our customers. Our goal is simple, we do our best to serve our customers, product development and product manufacturing. You can just treat us as one-stop supplier for any of your car audio needs.

We and our manufacturering partners have been in the industry for years. We have served customers from China, American, Europe, Japan, Asia, and other regions. Our customers possess strict requirement for us to manufacture products with high performance. We understand the market, we understand our customers, and we understand the quality expectations for automotive audio products. Our production processes are designed to meet the market requirements. Our quality assurance programs are tuned for car audio amplifiers. Our customer support policy is among the best in the industry.


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In summary, we want to be your one-stop supplier of automotive audio amplifier products. We want to serve you in product design, in product developments and in product mass productions. Please feel free to contact us.


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Model D3042

  • Cost-Effective Compact Amp
  • Mobile Apps
  • 4-ch 30W & 2-ch line out
  • ... ...

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Model D7562

  • Best-in-Class Multi-Channel Amp
  • Mobile Apps
  • 6-ch 75W & 2-ch line out
  • ... ...

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